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Welcome to a sampling of the Ceramics I animal planter project!  After first learning about photographer Joel Satore’s National Geographic Photo Ark, students selected an animal from the ark to visually advocate for via the creation of a ceramic planter.  While most students had not handled clay since their time at the Bartle school (and some had never worked with clay at all!) students quickly learned how to manipulate this special material, utilizing pinch, modeling and textural techniques to develop a likeness of their animal.  Upon completion of the construction step, students then applied a range of underglazes to add color and design.  


I am extremely proud of our student’s tireless efforts as well as their beautiful, sensitive results.  Each student came a long way in their artmaking and showed great persistence in the process.  In the pages that follow, I hope you enjoy learning about these important animals and consider helping them in some of the ways our students suggest. Special thanks to the students who opted to share their work on the blog!


Thank you and enjoy!

Sarah Grunstein

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